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Net Neutrality and Newgrounds

2016-12-20 17:59:03 by morcov

I'm not around much anymore, but I figured this might be of some interest to you guys. The US government is threatening Net Neutrality, which could threaten Newgrounds and other alternative media websites. This article sums up what net neutrality is pretty quickly. Getting rid of Net Neutrality might seem like a good thing for the average consumer because Youtube, Netflix, Google, iTunes, Spotify and other major websites are going to become cheaper and faster. But I'm afraid of losing sites like this because they can't afford to pay AT&T or other giant internet providers.

I found this place when I was young, playing flash games at age ten and making content from age twelve until I was about sixteen. I don't really animate much anymore, but Newgrounds was a launch pad for becoming an artist and becoming involved in communities of like-minded artists... even though I was a pretty angsty kid who made a lot of angry movies and spam across several accounts. I remember dropping out of math class just so I wouldn't be bogged down with homework and could make a clock movie every day of February under my DeodorantClock account.

On a place as huge as the internet, I felt at least a little bit important, and I really appreciated meeting people who were oddly serious about drawing dicks and tweening fruit. I figured out that I didn't have to take criticism personally, that the highest rated content isn't always the best content, and that talking to older men and women who communicated with each other under names like PoptartClock or TacoSoup helped me grow into an individual. I want the young kids of tomorrow to have similar opportunities, and I want the internet to keep being the safe haven it was for me as I struggled through school.

by Mizzjuicyflava

This place is a trip. I don't know why I was so fascinated by The Clock Crew, Star Syndicate, Lock Legion, Soup Squad, Kitty Krew, Radical Wrong Doers, Windows Parody Games, Hentai, Oney, Rtil, The Back Alleys, Golfinho, Hulalaoo, OrangeBeef, Sinitron, Stagbeetle, Squf, Unikojoe, Nogfish, CoolDrMoney... my childhood idols were fuckin weirdos and I still remember so many of them by name. Okay, that's it, thanks for making this website Mr.Tom Fulp, and to all my friends in the states, don't let the government fuck your shit up.


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I love this website


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1AM Dick Talk

2014-11-23 13:35:41 by morcov

this is a movie on newgrounds about dicks... every NGers weakness...

I've been doing a lot of "acting" and "singing" lately and I haven't had much time to animate BUT I managed to squeeze this out... hopefully one day I'll have more time and my movies will be squeezing your little hearts. ;-)


i should probably move on

2014-11-01 22:52:24 by morcov

or animate something

god damn it

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Big Week On NG

2014-08-16 15:45:49 by morcov

Movie Jam, NATA Finale, Phoenotopia, Clock Day just passed us, goDDAMN!!


sneak peak right here btw HEHEHEH



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i gave birth 2 a premature child and it melted under the flourescent hospital lights