Net Neutrality and Newgrounds

2016-12-20 17:59:03 by morcov

I'm not around much anymore, but I figured this might be of some interest to you guys. The US government is threatening Net Neutrality, which could threaten Newgrounds and other alternative media websites. This article sums up what net neutrality is pretty quickly. Getting rid of Net Neutrality might seem like a good thing for the average consumer because Youtube, Netflix, Google, iTunes, Spotify and other major websites are going to become cheaper and faster. But I'm afraid of losing sites like this because they can't afford to pay AT&T or other giant internet providers.

I found this place when I was young, playing flash games at age ten and making content from age twelve until I was about sixteen. I don't really animate much anymore, but Newgrounds was a launch pad for becoming an artist and becoming involved in communities of like-minded artists... even though I was a pretty angsty kid who made a lot of angry movies and spam across several accounts. I remember dropping out of math class just so I wouldn't be bogged down with homework and could make a clock movie every day of February under my DeodorantClock account.

On a place as huge as the internet, I felt at least a little bit important, and I really appreciated meeting people who were oddly serious about drawing dicks and tweening fruit. I figured out that I didn't have to take criticism personally, that the highest rated content isn't always the best content, and that talking to older men and women who communicated with each other under names like PoptartClock or TacoSoup helped me grow into an individual. I want the young kids of tomorrow to have similar opportunities, and I want the internet to keep being the safe haven it was for me as I struggled through school.

by Mizzjuicyflava

This place is a trip. I don't know why I was so fascinated by The Clock Crew, Star Syndicate, Lock Legion, Soup Squad, Kitty Krew, Radical Wrong Doers, Windows Parody Games, Hentai, Oney, Rtil, The Back Alleys, Golfinho, Hulalaoo, OrangeBeef, Sinitron, Stagbeetle, Squf, Unikojoe, Nogfish, CoolDrMoney... my childhood idols were fuckin weirdos and I still remember so many of them by name. Okay, that's it, thanks for making this website Mr.Tom Fulp, and to all my friends in the states, don't let the government fuck your shit up.


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2016-12-20 19:34:15

Hear hear!!


2016-12-20 23:31:58

I feel like there is some larger conspiracy going on here, probably in response to Wikileaks swaying our election so hard. I think they want to make sure people don't see that shit on such a large level ever again..all the big social media sites are doubling down on censorship, all of this fake news hype, now this pops up again. Might just be looking too far into it but it still irks me.


2016-12-21 01:56:18

Sometimes i think about other places in the world such as Canada and how they treat Net Neutrality. I guess I could look it up but in the meantime how do they view it? Are they seemingly as ass-backward as those in certain positions of power like in the US are? Do they only have corporate interests in mind and not the people?

I wish people were more educated on the matter because then more people would revolt against dismembering Net Neutrality but in the mean time they just think, "oh the internet just works, right?" and they'll be wonderful why the hell YouTube doesn't want to load.

morcov responds:

India is an interesting example


2016-12-21 04:39:49

just fuck my shit up fam


2016-12-21 04:47:36

yo what happened to the soupsquad site??

morcov responds:

YO I was looking at that too, I've never seen a site like it and I think it's advertising toilets...?


2016-12-22 01:29:28

i cant tell whether it's intentional and ironic or whether japanese spammers have taken over the site

is narcissy/dosensuppen/whateverthefuckhisnameis still around?

morcov responds:

No, he gave up on us because we were so goddamn lazy. I sometimes think about a revival, but my flash skills are really rusty, and some of the other members are M.I.A as far as I'm aware.

My guess is spammers, and I'm glad garnered such top quality spam.


2016-12-22 08:56:59

inertia is the strongest force indeed


2016-12-22 08:57:53

ot, but the soupsquad site is totes in character because they're masters of shitposting

eh, eh?

morcov responds:

was Soup Squad a giant shitpost?


2017-01-22 07:09:27

Miss you man, heard you were doing live action shit now or something? Plays?
Whatever you're doing now a days, I know you're going to be tops at that shit.
I'm rarely ever talking to anybody now a days, but I'm on skype and FB 24/7, just not doing anything on either.
Had a kid recently and his fav baby food is carrots. Of course he spits them out, but lol.
Hit me up if you ever wanna chill or talk about old times.
Been trying to get back into making flash but it's so fucking boring sometimes without the crew.

morcov responds:

DUDE! Krutches is a Dad. Amazing.


2017-04-28 21:12:39

yes, i agree with you:
newgrounds is too much of a great place to let it go down like that...

i hope that this thing will never pass!
and that NG will remain strong and independent, as it should always be!

anyhow, i DO remember you deodorant-clock, and your soup-squad movies.
im BB10-clock, and i've been also familiar with the epic spam works of: squ33f, orangebeef, babar, MAYORMCHEESE, jehosapha, gh0st, daveb0t, and by collective works of groups like the socom squad, the uzi union, the (alot)more recent soup squad, the wade birdcage(sic), thedock division, and many more...

yes, many good memories, and many good people/movies/creations in this site.
it NEEDS to stay alive.

thats all from me, have a nice day.